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TEDx COUNTDOWN Low Carbon Leaders

09/06/2022 - Race to Net Zero

Low Carbon Leaders is delighted to be hosting a tech business event in partnership with Silicon Brighton to explore how business can lead the race to net zero.

With a key note from Chris Hines MBE, the event will include a panel discussion with leading sustainability experts who are driving the net zero transition.

Tickets to attendin  person or online are available here

TEDx COUNTDOWN Low Carbon Leaders

17/11/21 - TEDxLowCarbonLeaders

Low Carbon Leaders curated a TEDx COUTDOWN event immediately after COP26 on the theme of "Nature and Climate Restoration".

Watch our amazing climate TED talks

03/11/21 - SME Net Zero Workshop

Low Carbon Leaders ran practical workshops at COP26 for SME's to learn about and write a net zero plan for their business.

The workshops were hosted at the iconic Mackintosh Tea Rooms in Glasgow

UN COP26 Glasgow logo and workshop date