Step by Step Guide to Taking Climate Action

How to start your journey to become a climate positive business

Follow these 3 simple steps to decarbonise your company:

Step 1: Calculate your carbon footprint Step 2: Reduce your emissions to a minimum Step 3: Invest in accredited carbon offsets

Step 1: Calculate your carbon footprint

  • The first thing to understand is the level of emissions your business emits
  • This is measured as tons of carbon (CO2e)
  • Accurate measurement should include scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions (learn more about scopes here)
  • Start by calculating emissions for the last 12 months
  • It's not critical to get this 100% right but be as accurate as you can with estimatations if needed
  • The Carbon Trust have a handy tool for SMEs to use to calculate the carbon footprint of your office
  • Bulb Energy have provided useful info on calculating your footprint for home working
  • To calculate total emissions you will need to use a more detailed framework like the GHG Protocol
  • If this feels overwhelming, then working with a third party carbon auditor can help. Hope Solutions are our recommended partner for this (IEMA accredited)

Step 2: Reduce your carbon emissions

  • Minimising your emissions is the most important action to take
  • Start with the easiest things to change
  • Switching to a renewable energy supplier and looking at ways to reduce air travel will have a big impact
  • Install energy-efficient lighting, heating and building insulation for offices
  • Most of your emissions will be in scope 3 and so it's important to look hard at your supply chain including banking and investments like pension plans
  • Engaging your colleagues in emission reductions is key to taking effective action
  • Many things you can do to reduce emissions also help you save money, so it can be win-win
  • Small99 have created a library of tips for how small businesses can reduce their carbon footprint

Step 3: Invest in accredited carbon offsets

  • There is likely to be carbon in your business even after taking action to reduce emissions to a minimum
  • Furthermore, you cannot reduce historic emissions
  • This is where carbon offsetting comes in...
  • Carbon offsets or "credits" should be purchased from accredited projects like Gold Standard
  • Natural climate solutions are a great option as they have the added benefits of restoring biodiversity and natural habitats aswell as capturing carbon
  • The most effective natural offsets include tree preservation and planting
  • Look to invest in projects in the developing world to add the further benefit of supporting local communities with jobs and income
  • Other types of offsets include investing in renewable energy and innovation in carbon capture technology
  • Our chosen partner for business offsets is ecologi


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Here are some of the businesses working together in our network...

"Low Carbon Leaders is an inspiring business community of climate elites!

It's great to be able to share ideas, inspire each other and build a legacy together that will make our kids proud.

When my daughter asks "what did you do when the climate was broken?" I can honestly say I was part of a group of companies that did everything we could. 

While we rebuild the climate we're building the businesses of the future"

Sam Zindel

MD Propellernet, Brighton, UK

Sam Zindel, Propellernet


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